Well…that’s almost a decade, when i wrote the part – I of this post.

A lot of things have happened since…in US, Barak Obama served two terms and then his party lost the next elections, Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket and his son had made U-14 debut, names of bollywood movies changed from Kisse Pyaar Karoon (Feb’09) to Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, and so on. On personal front, travelled different continents, celebrated “Ardh Kumbh” in one organization last year and yeah, got married!!

Coming back to this post – though had quit blogging in Mar’10 but still continue to have good number of hits on my blog and surprising 90% of the hits was for the post on funny incidents. So, I thought of penning down a few other funny incidents and share with like-minded folks. And to do the value-add (that’s an highly abused IT term), this time, along with incidents, would mention the learnings from those incidents.

And as usual, liked or disliked, feel free to comment!!


The first incident is about a month back when I put myself for reducing “fat” and getting “fit” (just a difference of vowel, a -> i, in two words but creates a lot of difference) and I decided to join gym. Till this time either i heard from other folks about exercises in gym or seen in movies but this was first hands-on experience.  Not willing to put self efforts in learning how different equipments need to be operated (and generic scenario with me after spending decade in IT industry), i thought of asking someone for step-by-step use of each equipment and got a really nice guy. After having learned couple of machines working (and feeling good about it), that guy was showing me the treadmill (and how to operate it). I was so excited to do treadmill (like a kid eagerly waiting to eat his/ her candy) that without wasting any  moment, I started on treadmill. Switched it on and was jogging on it for 10 mins or so. And everyone else was looking at me (wow!! I was centre of attraction). But, when i finished, another person used that treadmill and to my horror, I saw that person was easily walking at double the treadmill speed and I was doing jogging at half that speed. And even when I do treadmill now, I recall my foolishness of first day but then my impression/ assumption of treadmill was always that it is used for jogging and I was doing that only (even at speed of 3 kmph!!).

But then the reality seems to be the case that …… we live in a pre-biased world where most of the times, we watch movies based on review , judge a news anchor based on which channel they are hosting on, believe something which other person is saying based on our perception of other person..and this list can go on. But with my incidence for treadmill re-learned the importance of not be pre-biased and just going with the flow.


Another incidence is when we went to US for the first time (and it was in 2012) and after getting settled, were roaming around with wife (shopping/ grocery and by the way both are totally different once you are married!!). And in the nearby area, we noticed an ice-cream shop. It was looking quite attractive as was offering multiple variants. So, we decided to try out the “local” ice-cream.  As we were new and sceptical to try anything radically different, we thought of playing it safe and instead of choosing ice-cream from our intuition, we asked them for their best selling variety and ordered that. While paying the bill, realized that each ice-cream is $6…and as typical Indian mentality and particularly, when you are new in US and used to do currency conversion for your expenses, each ice-cream was about Rs. 350 (and total of Rs. 700 just for ice-creams!!). Also, while paying cashier asked if you would like to add “nuts” for $1. This seems to be a nice option to me, as “nuts” would add more taste to the ice-cream and so i agreed. We waited for 15-20 minutes, we got our ice-cream. To our surprise, it was pretty decent sized and shaped ice-cream. But even more surprising was a lot of “ground-nuts” that was put into ice-cream and seems it completely spoiled our delicious treat. Actually, being an Indian, my understanding of “nuts” are almonds, cashews and never thought of ground-nut to be compared as “nuts”. But, in US, realized that even ground-nut is in same category as that of other “Indian nuts”. Anyways, after couple of scoops we decided that we cannot take it further and we both dumped our ice-creams.

So, apart from learning the importance of not being pre-biased, learned that the same things can mean different, in different cultures. Say, white is considered auspicious and worn on ceremonies in one religion while in other white is associated with unfortunate events. Or like having chewing gum is perfectly fine but not in Singapore where it is completely banned. Or the use of olive oil, which is popular in western countries in salads and dressings and highly advised in India and other Asian countries but then if olive oil is used for frying vegetables (which normally the case in this part of world), then even it looses its nutrients…So, make sure to copy only when you can paste it properly (again a saying from IT industry). And apply your logic according to culture….as the adage goes “when in Rome, do as Romans do”.


Moving on to the next incidence and again from our stay in US. In US, for salaried folks, it is common practise to take insurance including eye insurance. Apart from expenses for doctor’s visits, this insurance entails for glasses or a pair of contact lenses once a year…and this is the origination point for another incidence.

It was the moment when it was time for me to pick, either spectacles or a contact lenses. As a typical Indian, anything that is offered for “free” always attracts and excites you. As I have always had glasses, I thought of trying contact lenses (off course, as they were free). Though i had been quite scared to even put a eye-drop in my eyes but still planned to try contact lenses and ordered one based on my prescription. When contacts were ready for pick-up, I was being asked if i am comfortable with contacts. As it was my first time and assuming that required help would be given to first timers, I mentioned clearly to them that it was my first time. Upon hearing this, an assistant there showed with sample contacts that how contacts are put and then taken out. And then, i was clearly told that i need to repeat the process in front of them and only then, i would be allowed to take my contacts. This was the starting point for my trouble..and i tried…tried and kept on trying….it took me approx. 3 hours to put the lenses in both the eyes. But still it was just the half way as i had to take them out as well and that seemed even more challenging then getting the lenses in. While putting the lenses, at least, you need to put in eyes and then close them and try rotating eyeballs and somehow the lenses settles in. But while removing, you need to exactly pick the lense…this process took another couple of hours.

So, after wasting approx. 5 hours and getting my eyes completely red, realized that adventures need not be tried only because they are available easily. Also, one need to understand the challenge underlying each adventure. Though it is good to push ones limit and try adventure but that should be done only after carefully judging self.


After putting incidents from different contexts, would put my last funny incidence related to “slip of tongue” and how just change of one word can create completely different meanings and create a huge embarrassment.

This incident is when, I was in second year of my engineering and was visiting one of my neighbours. As with any other engineering student, your lingo changes and some of the expletives are inherited without even realizing the use of it. Also, the topics of discussions ranges widely and also includes topics that cannot be mentioned here. But these topics and lingo are always in back of your mind.

So, when i visited my neighbour on Saturday morning, it was a good gathering of all neighbours. But, in that gathering i was not able to find one kid (approx. 3 years old). As he was the cutest kid, i checked with his mother that where the kid is and she replied that he is in school. And then instantly, i said “Playboy school” and there was complete silence but kid’s mother, though a short pause but looked like eternities, replied that he has been to “playgroup school”. This was such an embarrassing moment and can be simply termed as “slip of tongue” but deep down in my heart, I knew that it was not merely a slip of tongue but unintentionally use of word that was center of topic from a day before discussion in college.

Anyways, realized that no matter what the scenario is, it is always better to sure of words that you are expressing otherwise situation can completely change and change of any word can become a source of embarrassment for you.


Though there are many other “funny” incidents, but i have selected these incidents to share as from diverse background as well as to show that humour can arise from any condition…it is just that we should have the capability to look at it in a relaxed and “holistic” view 🙂


Thank you so much reading till the end and suggestions/ comments are always welcom.


‘Tradition’ continues – My last post on this blog also in high ‘spirits’. Though it was difficult to write this post and even more difficult to share with all but then its fun to combine humor and reality with emotions!!

Though I would have liked to write a few more posts (on topics close to my heart) but then, need to put on breaks for my hobby for blogging. With around 4000 hits (a few hits from friends but most of them from strangers) in 18 months, I thought it to be right moment!! But as usual, before I continue, here are a few disclaimers (do read all of them!!)

1. ‘Strategy’ is one of the most abused word in B-school. I have also tried to abuse it, to the best of my abilities.

2. All the points written below are based on real life similarities. So any coincidence is purely intentional.

3. Though most of the points are from my ‘own’ experiences but quite a few points are from my friend’s experiences. But in no case, any of these points are indication of any desperation.

4. You are free to interpret to the best of your abilities but no misinterpretation!! Also, all points needs to be taken in good humor

5. Words in single quotes and brackets have ‘own’ meanings…..so interpret them based upon your ‘talent’.

6. All points similar in nature are grouped together to make it comfortable to read and enjoy!!

So here it goes……

1. Go and propose her. That’s the best way but not as simple as it sounds. Problem grows exponentially when you cannot even tell her, how much you like her. So the remaining points are when you like her but not ‘able’ to tell her. (You are quite good in everything else….but ‘love’ is not your cup of tea!!)

2. Scroll instant messenger (like gtalk) to see, if she is online. If she is not online, then scroll after sometime (this gap can be even 2 mins depending on your mood) to see if she is online now!!

3. Reading her status messages quite a few times and off course looking at her pic many more times.

4. Asking meaning for her status message even if you are able to interpret what it means.

5. In case any link is given in status message, then definitely browsing through it.

6. You try to put witty status messages in your status message (your image takes a huge dip as you don’t even know what is ‘humor’!!)

7. Even while crossing her, you don’t talk unless you have anything ‘useful’ or ‘sensible’ to talk about (no need to show that you are a dumb person, even if you are!!)

8. Keeping good friendship with common friends of hers.

9. Trying to make an ‘ok’ friendship with her best friend.

10. Planning a trip with group of friends of hers, in expectation that she would join.

11. Trying to form a project group with her.

12. If she in your group, then working very hard in that project (though you suffer in other projects but then who cares!!)

13. If she in your group, then taking blame for anything ‘wrong’ so that she thinks of you as quite strong and peace loving.

14. If she is not in your group but in your friend’s group, then visiting his room and suggesting unwanted ‘intellectual’ comments to get her attention.

15. If she in not in your friend’s group, then just pinging anyone in her group (for this you need to know all in college!!) for any crap reason when their discussions are going.

16. Passing unexpected, ‘unwanted’ comments in public to get her attention (if she is there around!!)

17. When she is around, you talk of things she like (place, food) in the hope that she might join your conversation.

18. Discussing with your friends about her, not about your feelings but on every other context.

19. If your friends are discussing about her, then holding yourself to pass any comment (very difficult!!)

20. Trying to take as many common electives with her choice of electives.

21. If your electives are same with hers, you just wish that faculty ‘puts’ you in the same project group.

22. If all electives are not common then counting the number of common electives you have with her.

23. If you have got a common class, then you dress nicely before the class.

24. In case you both are in the same course, you take notes from her to study or to find any hidden meanings in the beautiful drawings she had made in her notebook.

25. If you have taken notes from her to study and there is any question (direct or indirect) in exam or quiz, you offer her a treat may be howsoever small it is (like chocolate!!)

26. If you both are in the same course and you are early in class, then you wait for her.

27. If you both are in the same course and you are late for class, try to find seat next to her.

28. If you are sitting in a row ahead of her (or somewhere near) in class, then pretending reading ‘legendry’ novels to get her attention.

29. If you are not in a row ahead of her then sitting in a way such that you can have a look at her without anyone, even your best friends knowing about it.

30. If she is there in the class, then doing class participation (CP), Desperate CP (DCP), DDCP,…..

31. If she is there in the class and someone else in your group is presenting (you are totally free!!) then looking at her whenever you get opportunity.

32. If she is there in the class and you are about to present, you take a ‘glance’ to make sure that she is there in the class or ‘pray’ that she is there in the class before you present.

33. If she is there in the class and you are presenting (poor you!!) then definitely trying to crake a joke (or better PJ!!)

34. If she is presenting in the class and you are in the audience, you definitely listen to her (listening is a better excuse for ‘staring’) irrespective of whether it is of any value add to you or not.

35. In exams common with her, trying to get seat someway near to her so that you can wish her good luck. If you are not near to her, then any other ‘strategic’ seat would be fine.

36. In exams not common with her, you ‘try’ to wish her good luck.

37. If you have a class in which she is not there then who cares to dress properly or even how to present properly (poor your friends – they are losing marks!!)

38. You are involved in a lot of high profile activities in your college so that you might get her attention (and if she don’t give attention….you fool – who asked you to take so much of work!!)

39. If you are organizing an event, then you try that she is one of the ‘volunteers’ for your event.

40. If you are organizing an event and she is volunteering, then you assign her the most ‘strategic’ work so that you can have maximum interaction.

41. If you are not organizing an event but she is still one of the volunteers handling strategic work (damn…you are gone as there can be competition!!) you tend to somehow help her .

42. If you are organizing an event and she is not one of the ‘volunteers’, you try to at least make sure that she attends the event (‘mandatory’ attendance!!) and later on you ask her opinion about the event (hell with opinion….this is just a way to talk!!)

43. If there is ‘just’ an event which is neither organized by you nor she is one of the ‘volunteers’ than you try to take ‘strategic’ seat at the venue!!

44. If you are exchange program coordinator and then you use your international ‘relations’ to have more interaction with her.

45. You get definitely involved in activities which she likes (like socially relevant events)

46. You ‘just’ look for a chance to help her and can go to any extend to help her even without getting her know that you are helping her.

47. If she asks for any help, though unintentionally and howsoever small it is (like getting medicines or fruits when she is not well), you are on the ‘top of the world’!!

48. If you have a ‘talent’ like numerology, palmistry, graphology, etc. you try to ‘exercise’ your talent on her and if not on her then at least then on her friends.

49. You save her pics from common folder, in hidden folder of your system (hidden because your friends who uses your system does not even finds it)

50. Synchronizing your mess timings with hers. (What about your hunger then but you have limited options!!)

51. Looking (or better ‘staring’!!) at her in the mess.

52. Doing some crazy activities like increasing the volume of TV channel or just laughing at someone when she is there in mess.

53. Be the first one to help her in anything she needs (like tea glass, spoon, etc.) in mess. If you are not the first then just sit and watch others helping her!!

54. You tend to overdo things which she hates, simply because even she is ‘abusing’ you somewhere, she is at least talking about you.

55. You take every coincidence of her talking to you as sign of ‘eternal’ beginning though no such intent of her.

56. For anything unfavorable happening (where you expected most but it turned out to be very little) you surely ignore it.

57. If anyone passes not at all suitable comment on you when she is also there, then you are very angry on that person (but you cannot show it!!). Anyways, you try to show that these comments are irrelevant and explain to your ‘friend’ not to repeat it.

58. You wish her on every small success of hers. (Damn nice way but then everyone else does the same way!!)

59. You are there till the end (or for sure till the time she is there!!) when you have group parties/ JLT’s (or even celebrations like Holi)

60. If she is there in the dance parties then either you try to enter into her dance group or take a ‘strategic’ location to ‘appreciate’ her dance.

61. If she is there in the dance parties and you are boozed, then even you try to act as most decent man on earth.

62. If she is not there in the dance parties and you are boozed or not, you are most ‘creative’ dancer on the earth.

63. You try to form team with her for any other B-school competition participation.

64. If you are in the team with her for any B-school participation, you do extremely good data mining on net, present financials in the ‘best’ form and work division is always ‘comfortable’ for her.

65. In case you win any prize with her while participating in B-school competition, then it’s definitely because of her contribution (heck…did she actually done something!!) and off course there is a reason for ‘team’ dinner.

66. If you are not in team with her but she is with your friends then you try to help your friends and lot many other things to show your ‘significant’ contribution.

67. You try to show yourself as fitness freak like jogging with 10-12 rounds (no reference to any friend)

68. If you are going for any outings in group (like OBL) then you try to make group with her.

69. If she is in your group in outdoor activities, then you are somehow the best athlete and most energetic person.

70. If she is not in your group, then also you try to show that you are best athlete and most energetic person, in hope that she ‘might’ notices you (poor you – high input, RoI not guaranteed!!)

71. You tend to write blog on the things she likes (ahh..got something interesting!!) or learn the talent which she likes.

72. You tend to write inspiring and motivating blogs to get her attention and if she does not give attention (damn…what is going on!!), you ‘request’ her to read and then comment on your ‘updated’ blog.

73. You are afraid to look into her eyes, because you think you would fall in love with her even more!!

74. For summer internship, you pray that she gets into same company or at least same city or at least same domain (in the decreasing order of prayer!!) as of yours. In case, you are getting summer internship later than her (you duffer fellow….could have performed better, if you were not in love!!), than you try that your prayer comes true.

75. For final placement, though you are in love but you are now a ‘bit’ intelligent to get first a ‘good’ job, whether have relation or no relation to her company or location or domain. This way at least she would say congrats to you (got one more chance to talk!!)

76. You always look for an opportunity to talk. If you both are good friends (no reference to any friend) than you wait for your friends to make fun of you and then you ‘use’ this ‘opportunity’ to ‘explain’ her that there is nothing like this. (In fact, this blog will help you my friend!!). If you both are not good friends (or not even friends!!) then any opportunity is welcome.

77. If she is quite active on social networking sites, then you also join them (poor you…don’t even know the technology but what’s the harm in at least looking at her profile pic!!)

78. On social networking sites, you are quite active in ‘liking’ or commenting on her photo.

79. On social networking sites, you tend to play ‘chat chat’ while commenting on her pics (you don’t even realize that anyone can read this!!)

80. If she comments on your pic, even by mistake, you have got the best ‘chance’ to start the conversation.

81. You regularly visits her profile (though you forgets that your name would appear in ‘recent visitors’!!)

82. You browse through her online activities (adding friends, her comments on anyone, etc.) in an attempt to find something ‘more’ and interesting about her (probably best use of data mining or marketing research concepts in real life)

83. If you have a digital camera (or it’s of your friend!!), you will definitely take a pic of her though there would be few other real good friends of hers!!

84. If someone else is taking a pic of her (you are gone….again he might also like her!!), you try to somehow figure in that image.

85. You try to join the same interest group/ committee in which she is there.

86. If there is a voting procedure for the committee you both are standing or your friend is there, you try to make sure she wins (forgetting about yourself or about your ‘friend’!!)

87. If there is a voting procedure for the committee for she is contender, you do ‘silent’ campaign for her.

88. Planning dinner at the same place where she has gone with her group and then pretending as just ‘coincidence’

89. For any high profile match (like the one in which Sachin scored 200) watched by many in your mess or common room, you try to be in ‘strategic’ location to enjoy her simple and joyful expressions.

90. You try to show yourself good in every sporting event and if required you are ‘available’ to ‘coach’ her.

91. For matches within college, if there is a provision for having girls in the team and she is even a ‘decent’ player then you try to form team with her (no reference to anyone for forming ‘strategic’ team in X-cricket)

92. For matches within college, if there is a provision for having girls in the team and she is even a ‘decent’ player but you are not able to form team with her, then you definitely go to the field and ‘appreciates’ her playing skills

93. For matches within college, if neither she nor you are playing but both of you watching any match on the field, then you again take ‘strategic’ position to enjoy the match (or is something else??)

94. For any B-school sports participation, you try to participate with her in the event, though there might be 23 others in 25 member ‘squad’ but then who cares!! (If you are able to do this….its jackpot – your 4-5 best days in B-school!!)

95. In case she is coming to your room, for any project discussion or any other small reason, then you try to ‘make it’ neat and clean. This is irrespective of the fact that it is already quite neat!!

96. If she is usually in someone’s room for academic or any other reason, you try to be friendly with that ‘someone’ neighbor and pass not so required comments in loud voice to get her attention.

97. You ‘hate’ when your friends associate your name with some other girl on the campus (you cannot even speak to one….so why associating name with someone else!!)

98. In case your friend is getting married and the venue is some near-by place, you definitely go if she is going. In that case, you try to maximum ‘utilize’ the situation. If she is not going to that marriage, then you have no ‘incentive’ to go (unlike your other friends who have at least one motivation!!)

99. You write testimonials for all in your batch, just before leaving, in the hope that like many others she would also read it and then there ‘might’ be a few conversations with her on what you have ‘written’ about her.

100. You write the last post titled ‘100 Things You Do In B-school When You Like Someone’ in your blog!!

I hope you would have enjoyed my last post on this blog and quite a few other posts. In any case, feel free to give your comment/ feedback.

Everything ‘good’ things comes to an end and so does my hobby of blogging. I had many hobbies in ‘past’ like sociology, shayaris, numerology, palmistry and now blogging would be added to those. This blog was suppose to be last blog but now second last blog……so here it goes – a few special lines for a few special peoples in my ‘own’ yearbook.

As I have interacted with almost all of my batchmates during 2 years of ‘unemployment’, I thought it ‘should be’ good enough to write testimonials for all. Though at first it seems to be Herculean task with sudden increase in academics load but with ‘high spirits’ I was able to achieve magical figures – 117 testimonials with avg. words per testimonial 82. Also, in Alumni testimonials I have not written about myself but thought of ‘appreciating’ myself in this blog so here goes 118 testimonials with a few disclaimers.
1) Any thing written here is no indication of any person or his/ her character but just conveys my momentarily thoughts/ feelings.

2) Any things written in single codes – ” – convey special meanings and its on you to decode it.

3) I have tried to be as good as possible to all but then what’s the use of being ‘good’ in testimonials. So any comment hurting anyone, needs to be ignored.

1. Abhijit Dey – One of the strong contenders for ‘creative of the batch’. In the first look, he just looked to be ordinary person but after getting to know him I was 120% wrong. His performance during sketching in maxinations would have surely won the prize, only if judge would have been someone from XIMB. I can still recall the search efforts, particularly in A-block, when his only notebook for all the terms with all the ‘creative’ drawings was lost. His best remembered moments would be questionnaire on ‘six idiots’, email on ‘Shakti ka swamvar’ and ‘X-FOS’ (A block….A block!!)

2. Abhinav Bharadwaj – My nomination for Little Johnny of the batch. No matter whatsoever situation it would have been, there was always a smile on his face and a humorous status message. Many of us in XIMB added him just to read his quality status message. Though he has tremendous ‘face value’ but his brains cannot be ignored as he can make a PJ (not MJ!!) out in any situation. Got to know him much more in OBL where he pushed me to do every adventure, which I enjoyed most. I can still recall the moment in OBL when for water surfing from our boat someone needed to be the first one. He decided to be the first one – he just wanted to finish it himself and was not afraid to try it though it’s different story that the motor boat person shouted him a lot when he fell twice in water but irrespective of his fall, he made sure he was holding to the handle of skate!! (A block….A block!!)

3. Abhinav Gupta – Not sure how much big should I write testimonial for him as his all things, (yes all things!!) are big size be it his external hard drive, his antique laptop (which is no more now!!), his bike or anything. Though he keeps himself quite secluded most of the times, he tries his best to show his knowledge skills to others by the way he explains the things. The memorable incidents about him would be anything that involves his way of walking, which is always at 15 degrees to previous step on either side and his way of laughing (no comments on this!!) (A block….A block!!)

4. Abhinav Mathur – A real talented guy – knows exactly what needs to be done. First worked with him on the HR paper on succession planning and then our projects were countless. Though it is different that our first project could have been in FA, if I have not swapped my group with Sitaram!! He would make you feel that doing anything is just fun – he might start it quite late but finishes well on time. Ok now realities (which remains same!!) – he can get high even by beer, has pink t-shirt and red ‘hot’ towel, can call anyone by any name including ‘itemgirl’. (A block….A block!!)

5. Abhisek Bharadwaj – Got to work with him either in our interactions and maxinations. I was surprised when I heard two things about him – first that he goes to gym regularly and second that he is committed from a long time. (A block….A block!!)

6. Aditya Vikram Tripathy – No words to describe this 21 year young/ old amazing kid but one thing for sure he has beaten me in most of the things like hairs (on the scalp!!), drinking capabilities, finance understanding and thing which cannot be mentioned here. I just hope that one day I get opportunities to take back my revenge. (A block….A block!!)

7. Akash Sahu – Cool type of guy and difficult to believe he is from army school and looking at his physique equally difficult to believe that he can play badminton. Have a great knowledge and understanding of movies (be it any language!!). Can jog as good as me or for that sake even compared to shake-shake. He always has some story to tell but is quite shy. Even while going for jogging he would avoid the time when classes are getting over or the route in which a few from junior batch are there. (A block….A block!!)

8. Akhilesh S – The CR, sleeping beauty, amazing dancer, good football player and found only and only with TAXIM group. His unforgettable words would be ‘roll call’!! (A block….A block!!)

9. Amaresh Kumar Sahu – The only other person in A-block who got ‘infamous’ name from block skit. But he never minded ‘Le lo – ye bhi le lo, who bhi le lo’. He is too good in academics. I can recall his commitment in our OB-III case discussion when he slept in my room at 4:15 AM in very odd pose so that he can wake up quickly and contribute but again and again he would open his eyes, move his lips just to say that he is awake and sleeps again. He repeated this till 5 AM, till the time our assignment was completed. Though he did not contributed anything but his commitment not to sleep properly till the assignment is over, was commendable. (A block….A block!!)

10. Amit Kumar Singhania – Another typical Marwari in A-block. Quite good in managing things and doing bargaining. He managed the funds for A-block in maximations and till now he is managing 1400 bucks left over from our maxinations!! A good planner to depend on. (A block….A block!!)

11. Amita Singh – The first time I talked with her casually was the first day on campus when we were filling our forms. I am not sure what she thought about my intentions at that time but with her cautious reply, it was quite clear that strangers are not welcome to comment!! But if you want to know more about her, do read Meghana’s testimonial for her on Orkut. She would have definitely read one blog of mine…not on my blog but that I had written on her request for Illuiminatix. It seems she is quite flexible in her approach and one such example is her recruitment in TCS though she does not much idea about IT.

12. Anand Ota – He will try to act as he is kid but he is not. He knows what he wants and how to get that thing/ person. He knows how to get his work done and also knows how to make others work. Worked with him quite a lot as he is ‘official’ treasurer of the batch.

13. Aniroodh Shrivastava – Had to vote him (as it was a request by his other friends!!) as part of cutest couple in the batch. He is quite good in studies and worries a lot about them and more worries on higher grade point of others. He can be found at lot many places with many different peoples – quite versatile!! (A block….A block!!)

14. Ankur Singh – She is quite cool and calm of her approach in life which is shown by ‘pagalguy’ tshirt, most she wears frequently. When I first heard that she had approx 4 years of work-ex, I was quite wondering. She might be willing to share anything but not her chips!! Anyways, she is one of the girls in the batch who have appreciated my shaayris and I thank her for that.

15. Ankur Upadhyay – Undoubtedly best techie of the batch. Not only he has amazing technical knowledge, he can also explain technical things in simple ways. His game (and yes that was Ankur’s game, though there were three others in the team!!) in Skillcity was ultimate. He does everything differently – for example if we go out on trip we will take nice pics but he would be taking any number of pics of trees, road, rickshaw wala or anything and guess for what – to make a video of the trip. He is any time available for technical help, it is just that you have to take your laptop to his room!! (A block….A block!!)

16. Anton Babu – In first looks, he look like ‘seedha sadha babu’ but don’t go by how he looks!! You go on a trip with him and he will definitely find someone (offcourse some girl) to spend the time. He is quite good in sports and can be a good coach (offcourse for girls). (A block….A block!!)

17. Anuj Bharat Shah – He completely fits into typical Gujarati description – quite simple and doing exactly what is required. He is too good in finance and I am sure that his family would have all CFA’s (not to be misunderstood in current circumstances) (A block….A block!!)

18. Anuja Shau – She is one with a quite distinct honor in campus – she cannot donate blood even if she wishes as she would be disqualified on one of the parameters!! But not to be mistaken by her single size looks, she is quite sportive and can play as difficult game as basketball. She likes having photo shoot in different poses at the same place (same old things from girls!!). She is good in sketching, dancing, eating chocolates and ice creams. She has a real good patience level (probably because of her HR specialization). Though I have troubled her a lot but it was all fun and I hope she would agree to it. I pray that all her wishes comes true!!

19. Anupam Goswami – Quite happy with himself. He seems to have fallen in love with someone in the batch and displayed his feeling through gtalk status message which he needed to changed because I spoiled his plans. I am sorry for making your affection public but I was ‘just’ trying to help you !! (A block….A block!!)

20. Anshuri Anand – She has got a perfect blend of two opposite things – fun and maturity. She is quite cooperative but just don’t go by her simple look as at times she can pass a comment, typical UP style comment, which even any ‘he’ cannot make in public.

21. Archana C – Apart from TAXIM group members and particularly Rakesh, only RaNi can write detailed testimonial for her!! But one thing for sure – she has a very cute smile (reference undisclosed!!)

22. Arpita Sahu – She has got one of the best smiles in campus. She is quite a good dancer. Her sense of dressing is also amazing as she would even make sure that her earring or nail polish is in match with her dress color. It was difficult to believe that she is committed from school days though because of this fact I respect her a lot. Got to know her more through Salman. Gabbar and I would include her in our list whenever we would discuss name of persons who does not have to work hard or eat less to maintain their physique.

23. Avipsa Mohanty – Quite simple and straight forward girl. Got to know her more in ER project. She is one other person who has got real good status messages.

24. Ayan Dasgupta – He has got some very good one liners. He likes to work as per his comfort but is quite helpful when it comes to explaining ERP-I or DWDM. (A block….A block!!)

25. Barun Nanda – A good quizzer and chilled type of a guy. It seems that he does not put much efforts in the things he do but he has always got the best – be his previous work-ex or be going to be work-ex. He is quite popular in his Oriya group and not sure how many would know him outside his group. Worked with him during maxinations and seen his tremendous potential. He has potential of doing anything – even getting frequent accidents while driving. . (A block….A block!!)

26. Bhabani Shankar Kar – Another one from Infosys. Have a hobby of doing tie collection, though it is different that his formal tie can even have a Mickey Mouse!! Have worked with him in projects in first term and then in last term and found no difference in which he approached his tasks – very casually but thoughtfully. He can dance in a typical style – a ‘thumka’ with wine bottle on his head!! His status messages are amazing and he somehow manages to get a matching image for his message. (A block….A block!!)

27. Bibhav Behra – ‘Committed’ sapera. What an amazing photographer and guitarist!! He is not shy of doing anything – be it holding *** after we won maxinations or wishing someone special birthday in a very special way on FB. One of the best things about him is his patience level and willingness to help anyone planning anything for his dear sis. (A block….A block!!)

28. Binayak Rath – Have a sound ‘technical’ brains!! He is good in sports like Football and Cricket. Apart from working with him in COMM project, was there with him in Skill City and Maxinations. He looks quite lazy because he actually is and takes bath once in a while or even a month!! He does his things gracefully and probably this is the reason that he is known as ‘Raja’ though he is more popular as ‘Bhayanak’ in A-block. (A block….A block!!)

29. Chandrasekhar Kartha – Amazing guy!! Done quite well as Alumni coordinator except that he does not know where the database is for Alumni (reference SM). He knows exactly when to take a turn – when one opportunity closes he makes sure that he does not miss another opportunity. Planned a lot of trips with him but only two were successfully executed. He is quite popular in ‘his’ group so much so that iski ‘sarkar’ kabhi bhi gir sakti hain!! He always have a typical smile on his face and he is consistently able to give weird poses for pics (reference Nishu baby). He believes in enjoying life a lot though it might be because of ‘HR’ dominance in his life. May he always has a typical smile!!

30. Eesha Pathak – She is die hard fan of my blog – even if someone mention word ‘blog’ she would have all ‘not’ so good words in her dictionary for my blog. Though it’s different that we have similar blogging habit – her blog named something like tired wanderer and upon reading my blog she actually becomes tired and wonder what a crap is this!! Apart from blog, she has not so good words about me in everything else and they can be about my late night emails, my work distribution emails,….(list can go on). But to be honest I enjoyed my first term projects the most just because of her – we used to have arguments on every small things and that’s how I learned a lot many concepts. If someone needs to get work done from her don’t ask her to do it, just say that she cannot do it and to prove her critics wrong she would do superb job. That’s the way she is!! Anyways, apart from remembering my not so good things – I hope that she can recall quite a few of my good things related to her. No comments about her eating habits here!!

31. Ellora Mishra – I am not sure how many of us would know that she writes absolutely brilliant blogs – definitely much much better than me. Whatever the case may be – she can take a few brave decisions. She always takes proper notes in the class though it’s different that they are only used by her. We have worked together in probably all terms and have enjoyed working with bhabhi.

32. Gaurav Garg – ‘Hota hain bhai…aisa bhi hota hain’. These are his favorite words and one would think the same way about him unless you him quite well. Though he is just one year junior to me college, I don’t remember interacting with him in college. We did not have much interaction here as well for a long time but knows that he is good badminton player. He is too good in finance related subjects and is lover of poetry.

33. Gaurav Mundra – Though should not have written a testimonial for myself but do not want to break the alphabetical sequence. Given a chance, would present different picture of mine by listing a few points (basically appreciating myself!!):
• Stand-up comedian champion along with Sardar(D).
• Taken those responsibilities which other considered difficult (CSR Summit, sponsorship) and put best efforts in responsibilities considered not at all difficult (IRC, Conclave). CSR Summit was first of its kind initiative across B-schools, in sponsorship we comfortably reached to required amount and in IRC success can be put in numbers – 46 incoming exchange students next year, just because of support IRC gave to this year exchange students.
• Though not a member of SRC but quite active contribution towards its activities.
• Never put my list of tasks as reasons/ excuse for not doing any academics/ project related work or helping anyone.
Though have so many different shades of my character but known widely for my ‘not so good’ shade of my life, which are ‘off course’ true!! (A block….A block!!)

34. Gauravgajanan M. Kayal – Though I am three years senior to him in DAIICT but it does not reflect when we talk with each other!! He might look like a simple guy but he is not. He can analyze anything very critically be it working of any committee or launch of any scheme/ product. He ‘sets’ the ‘field’ well before playing any ‘big match’. He would not miss on any opportunity favorable to him – whether be it by hook or crook!! (A block….A block!!)

35. Girish CK – Whenever he speaks Hindi, there are only 2 implications – either he is drunk or there is something very wrong!! His dance steps are unmatched and he plays basketball quite well. Also, his creativity in designing is too good and theme designed by him for Conclave in the first year was used by me in CSR summit as well as Conclave next year. Worked with him in quite a few projects and Conclave, as he is just one roll number next to me, and appreciate his commitment. I can recall his line ‘sukhi daud’ after Gladiator and he kept on repeating that line multiple times during JLT. Not forgetting to mention – he is integral part of TAXIM.

36. Ishita Goel – She would most of the times have a happy status message but her favorite line would be ‘I am sad’ or ‘how cheap’. She is really possessive about her things and particularly one ‘thing’!! She knows how to get her work done and manages her academics and extracurricular really well.

37. Kamal Deep Singh – What a coincidence, plus minus 2 roll numbers before and after my roll number are ‘fan’ of my blog. He can crack jokes anytime, anywhere. Though he would act like a funny character but knows when to work and when to relax. Worked with him in different projects, maxinations and IRC. We were champions in stand-up comedy in maxinations. Thing to remember about him would be GD panel where he will modulate his voice to the best possible extent and does not seems like generic ‘Sardar(D)’.

38. Kenneth Mario Noronha – We have typical sinusoid type of friendship. I can recall when I first took his bike, which was without brakes, to railway station to get Mathur’s bike. Then we used to have good fights in projects and the best one was in SDM where he wrote ‘too good’ email ‘appreciating’ my skills. Then the recent incident during Atlos in which he appreciated my late night handling of control desk. He was the person who got maximum benefit from exchange program with the other contender far behind. He is quite lazy and works only for sports!!

39. Kiran Bikash Rana – Can handle multiple tasks (like in Xpressions) and special ‘persons’ (like 12 people in his room on his birthday) at a time. Even though he manages multiple things, he never misses on his grade point with his aggregate still more than half a dozen. He is a superb dancer, choreographer and singer. But he still manages to scale down his dancing to have really ‘different’ dance step with me. Though he is getting married, I am quite sure that he is not going to change himself. May he always be like what he is!!

40. Komal Singh – Only girl from XIMB to come to my home and I was surprised later to know that his dad appreciated me!! She believes to enjoy in life to the fullest whether be it in ‘smoke’ or high in the ‘spirits’. Used to have my typical timepass talks with her, which she sometimes minded but I did not cared about it. She is quite sociable and can fit in any group for any trip.

41. Kruttika Dash – I still wonder why on our Chilika trip I used that ‘wonderful’ opportunity to tell about violence and religion instead of talking something really suiting the ‘occasion’. But whatever the case was, I enjoyed it, though not sure about you!! She knows most of the things but speaks only when it is required the most. Though does not seem to be a foodie in the first look but she actually is.

42. Lagnajit Mohapatra – Good and helpful photographer. Did a wonderful photoshoot with exchange students when Nowlen was here though I am not sure of the reasons for his ‘keen’ interest in photoshoot. He is one of the initial contenders who gave birth to new game for Maxinations. Worked with him in quite a few projects and liked his simple but dedicated approach towards work. Aur haan Lagna – teri ek ‘special’ treat baki hain!!

43. Madhavrao Kamath – Old wine with young taste. Have an amazing knowledge to interact with supernatural characters and particularly related to strategies. He has composed attitude towards life probably because of all the good and bad he has seen. Even in the worst of situations he is able to maintain his positive attitude. He has got immense knowledge on almost everything worth discussing in the class. I hope his early morning searches on matrimonial sites quite soon materialize into ‘actions’. Yeah, I would like to thank him for being mostly the first one to read my updated blog and appreciate it. I would always remember our Brunei trip and the things we discussed.

44. Madhukar Subramanian – Passionate ‘lover’ of music with his favorite song from ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’. He is a too good player of guitar and he along with Satty and Bibhav makes an amazing combo pack. Does his things quite ‘quietly’. Whatever the case may be – he would finish his tasks, no matter howsoever he may do it.

45. Mahim Mehta – Very helpful designer. His creativity is way beyond any praise. I can recall a particular incident when for designing IRC T-shirt at late night I woke him up from sleep and he made good design with multiple options just to make that I don’t have to trouble myself again. His focus is quite clear and do not tend to mix a few things. His looks closely resemble his brother and in first look it is difficult to find the differences between these two. He puts considerable efforts – be it designing birthday cartoon or doing Maxim project.

46. Manas Ranjan Sahoo – Was surprised first when came to know that this guy has left FMS to join XIMB. Whatsoever may be the reason, time and again I would wonder on this!! He is an amazing dancer, a good quizzer and have solid concepts in finance. He has quite ‘sharp’ eyes and sees exactly what is required to be seen. We shared a lot of bakar during a lot many projects and ‘occasions’.

47. Manisha Mishra – The incident of her I remember is that someone commented on her pic in which she was looking towards sea and thinking something relevant and that ‘she is getting prepared with next DCP strategy’. Though just a small incident, but conveys a lot about her. Anyways, keeping such incidences aside, she can put a lot of efforts for social work as evident from OB project and SRC event on 15th Aug 2008. Also, she has got correct ‘key’ to unlock many things in her life and this includes RB award with huge cash prize!! Once she is clear on what needs to be done, she can do it in much better ways.

48. Matri Prasad Parija – Have complete knowledge on a few things in which I does not know anything. Can speak French and this has been moral support for me in IRC to make exchange students feel comfortable when they are new in India. Can play a few sports like football, basketball (or any game involving ‘ball’) quite well. He is very committed in his tasks and would do anything to complete his tasks.

49. Mayank Kohli – Inspiration for all great one liner songs by Sardar(D) during OBL trip. Tremendous potential guy but prefers to keeps low profile. He wanted to go in marketing but welcome back to IT. Puts complete efforts in his tasks, keeps himself cool in most circumstances and is flexible to adapt to conditions.

50. Megha Agarwal – Have known her from Infy days though did not knew her personally but have heard of her ‘library’ and ‘replay’ incidents, which I promise not to tell to anyone, anymore!! Used to trouble/ irritate her a lot and she minded it most of the times but then who cared . It was always fun to talk with her on any topic. But keeping aside her temporary tendency to show ‘quality’ of her voice, she is well mannered and have very pleasant smile. She likes to do whatever she likes to do. I wonder how can be so innocent at this st’age’ but whatever the case she has been one of the person whom I respect for tolerance level.

51. Meghna Singh – Not sure what all I can write for her because if anything is not suitable, ‘my brother’ would take a strong revenge from me. In most of the cases/ places I have seen her having a simple and beautiful smile and hope that it remains forever.

52. Mitrajita Swain – Very simple and straight forward girl. Quite comfortable in her own group of friends. Likes to live a secluded life and keeps very low profile but is quite energetic with her friend circle.

53. Monika Gupta – She has got quite interesting relations with A block and particularly left and right side of A mid. She is inspiration for new game in Maxinations and separate joke category for A-blockers. I will always recall her birthday proposal…..that was probably most emotional proposal I had seen. She sometimes act at different extremes – at times mature and most of the times like a kid. She is quite happy in her own group and with her typical one liners.

54. Mriganka Sarkar – I always thought that he and CSK are good friends but realized the reality during Bhitarkanika trip. Though he is a senior citizen but never looks like one. He has got some very good one liners. Like every other Bengali, including RaNi, he loves Kolkatta and then everything related to it. He is quite simple and down to earth but is quite focused as in case of academics.

55. Murli Mohan Tata – What can I write about him!! I can recall my first day jogging with him and I never thought that someone can be decade senior to me at XIMB. I suggested him the formulae of dieting/menu/marriage on that day and I am sure he would have mentioned that thing at least 100 times. He is quite committed towards whatever he does. If anyone needs to learn to fight with circumstances – he is the man to learn from. He is quite modest and very helpful. May he be happy for his remaining life.

56. Mythreyi Manepalli – I am not sure what is so good about her but for sure that is something amazing in her and this can be verified by most of the incoming exchange students (like Adam) as she can be very easily found with them. Though I have not interacted much with her but knows that she loves novels. She tries to do lot many things including to play lawn tennis like Venus Williams.

57. Naveen Kumar Agarwal – Have seen different shades of this guy. When he is playing the role of place coord he is quite serious and fully into the job but like otherwise always have a big smile on his face. Not sure how many colleges had place coord participating in a decent fashion show and this indicates his versatility. Can recall one comment on his pic with Preeti – ‘Did he proposed her’ by one of the seniors and I was wondering on the context of the comment!!

58. Nikhil Chandan – Cool, calm, composed type of guy. Does not put much efforts but make sure that things are going on well. The best incident to refer would be in OB-III when other group members would be doing night outs and struggling with assignments and ‘abusing’ him for his absence, he will appear from nowhere with analysis of case. Then he would sit for sometime with the group and then continue with his ‘usual’ things. There is a lot of determination behind his smile as seen by choosing an international profile!!

59. Nikhil Kumar Singh – Though had quite a few good arguments with him but it is still comfortable to share anything with this guy. He has amazing potential and has very clear fundamentals in whatever he do. He is not at all technical but would be joining an IT company, so it will be interesting to see how the things go for him. Can recall how almost alone he became the winner of MWR round – direct result of his clear fundamentals. May he continue to hate technology and this will show to all that technology is not essential for success.

60. Nipun Aggarwal – Used to have wrong opinion about this guy till I knew him personally. He is ‘committed’ guy with very clear focus on his goals. He know what to prioritize and where to compromise. Had a few long train travels with him and this gave enough opportunity to know this guy. Though he has got amazing fin concepts but he has been always modest about it. He knows when to take a short cut and when to give a full fight.

61. Nirup Kumar Sahoo – Unless you know this guy well, one would not know that he is good dancer, plays a few sports quite well, owns a decent four-wheeler and is committed. He loves to live his life own way. He is one of the lucky fellows here to have a happy ending in terms of personal life!!

62. Nisarg Vinay Pandya – Nishu baby is such a sweet and gentle kid but he does not look like a kid in the first shot. I was really surprised when I knew for the first time that Nishu baby is a fresher. He is been really loved by his family and probably they ask his whereabouts regularly in dangerous trip to Bhitarkanika!! He is mostly found in his own group. Though quite creative and studious but always find time to do what he likes. He is one of those typical Gujaratis those who make fun of their accent.

63. Paluri Aparna – Have interacted with her on quite a many occasions but each conversation been small one. I can recall conversation with her during summers in which we shared a lot many things and that was the day (exactly evening!!) when I came to knew many things about her. She enjoys life as she likes and mostly with other TAXIM members.

64. Pankul Mendiratta – Initially used to make fun of him of his foreign nationality but as knew him more I was sure that I was completely wrong. When he was new to campus he used to surrounded by girls and now he is mostly surrounded by boys – not sure whether his taste choice and preferences have changed over the years!! Also came to know quite late that he is a committed guy. He loves fun and gives damn to anything that bound his enjoyment. He has got a few very good one liners and can use a few derogatory words very comfortably in his one liners. As a skill coord he has done magnificent job – evident from participant’s feedback about the game!!

65. Parvathy M. Kurup – She is quite simple with a beautiful smile. She would never say no, if you ask her for any help.

66. Pradeep Rajendran – Official ‘despo’ of the batch but not to be understood much from this as he himself conferred this to him. He loves to act like Tom Cruise when he is on outings though it is different that he fails miserably in this!! He is a real foodie though his best friend won the official award Whatever the case be – he tries to fit himself into things of life comfortably.

67. Pradipta Acharya – He is in love but he is not able to accept that. I am sure one day, he would definitely admit his love apart from doing so on Facebook!! He looks like quite lazy and he actually is but when it comes to work, I hope he also shows his laziness there also. Whatever the case, I have seen a simple smile on his face.

68. Pradipta Priyambada – First time seen her talent in COMM class when she showed how to properly use the ‘accessories’ given for eating. Usually she is quite alone but is very comfortable with her selected few friends. Takes too good notes in class but you need to get required skills to get those notes. Whatever the case may be – in fifth term her notes helped me to pass even though I was involved in series of activities.

69. Praveen RV – Too fit to do anything be it playing sports or managing finance as part of X-fin or dad’s business. He is exception to TAXIM group and sometimes can be found somewhere else as well. One of the silent spectators in SEC meeting though he would have view about everything. He was the guy who raised the expectation from sponsorship committee after getting too good sponsorship for X-fin.

70. Prayag Mohanty – Have not interacted with him much as he keeps low profile but knows that he has keen interest in finance and invest frequently in stock market. Have heard a few jokes about him but this would not be a good place to share those!!

71. Preetisudha Pandab – More than any other girl in campus, except one, she loves photography, i.e. to be photographed!! She is good in sketching as can be inferred from her uploads on social networking communities. She ‘places’ too much focus on her calories level and prefer only healthy food. Except one incident related to MWR, she have been nice to me. May she always smile with 15 degrees tilt in millions of photos to come!!

72. Priyanjali Ashok Kharbas – Only girl on campus who understood me or at least try doing that. One of my sweet memories of campus would be dinner with her and that was by her. She always has a lovely smile on her face. She got what she wanted but only after a ‘brief’ delay. I would always remember visit to her home during summer internship and I felt really really good after that. She is typical HR girl and has got all creativity to get her friends ‘engaged’ in doing special things for each other though its different that she forgot to wish on my birthday!! (A block….A block!!)

73. Priyanka Sharma – Like any other fresher, she worries a lot about her academics. She has always been good to me and has brought sweets quite a few times from her home. I can recall the food she brought from home, which was attacked by 7-8 people in X-café. Though she has interest in finance but chose the HR job – this shows either her adaptability or confusion!!

74. Priyanshu Goyal – This guy has a big heart. He used to do frequent trading in stock market and his gains and loss for a day were at times even beyond my imagination. I thought that he is a trustworthy guy and I shared one secret close to my heart with him but he was not able to digest it!! He always has a typical smile on his face whatever the case may be. His room is the most ‘clean’ room among hostels anywhere on this planet. I can recall that in summer internship, he talked to me 2-3 times before coming to Pune but after coming to Pune he was just ‘gayab’ though I would not disclose reasons here!!

75. Pulkit Agarwal – Multi talented guy be it doing ‘jugghilal’ or Rajashthani dance in female costume. Apart from this, he is too good in acads and is also good in giving direct competition to someone in A-mid. We three, Nipun, Pulkit and myself, have done a few long distance train travelling and would always remember those time pass gossips which were mostly about him.

76. Radhika Kantareddy – Quite helpful and active member of Illumantix. She had done designing for me for Conclave, CSR Summit and IRC. She is quite ‘popular’ and ‘known’ across batches in XIMB and I have seen this for three batches.

77. Rahul Agarwal – Though he is widely known as ‘bachha’ but he is not all that!! He is the only one here who had guts to start something of his own and this speaks entirely about him. He has got interest in everything happening in college but that’s just because he wants to know about gossips. He was a moral support of sponsorship committee with his ‘creative’ suggestions.

78. Rahul Nishit – RaNi – He actually liked his name as RaNi and this shows that how sportive he is. He is a good ‘playboy’ – he can play any game be it cricket, TT, football, etc. He tries to show himself as cool and calm though it’s different that he is at times short tempered. He likes to keep his life simple and prefer to have good and ‘khaas’ friends. He likes sweets and his favorite place on Earth can be Kolkatta. He loves photography and traveling which is evident from his exchange program and no comments on evidence for love of photography. No matter what the case was, he was always willing to go for exchange!! We had good fights a lot many times but he had not taken anyone to his heart. Not sure what is the reason behind our such a good chemistry – we were together at summer internship and most probably would again be together in Cognizant. Always keep smiling and keep cracking your deadly PJ’s.

79. Rahul Singh – Known him from the day college has started though interacted with him quite late. Though single ‘pasli’ he likes to different things and I have seen this from our interactions. It was good to know that we are from same colleges. He is always busy in a ‘few things’ and I am not sure why to does all those things. He has passion for a ‘few things’!! He is so curious about lot many things that he will catch hold of anyone and extract information from him to the fullest.

80. Raj Mohanty – Known him from Infosys days though it’s different that he took quantum jump by joining other company and I was still there with Infosys. This clearly speaks about his capabilities. He is able to manage multiple things at a time – be it designing work, enjoying music, getting things in ‘place’ or giving healthy competition to Salim and KB. If you need to find him in the class, then better look for someone else and if it is DWDM class than work becomes even more simpler!! But whatever the case may be – he is quite sportive and has a simple smile on his face.

81. Rakesh E. – Have seen him either in TAXIM group or someone special in TAXIM group. I can recall his expressions and comments after getting through in CTS.

82. Richa Gupta – Though I can go on writing about her but would keep it short as she does not like my verbosity. She would surely agree on one thing with me – that she would disagree with whatever I do and howsoever I do. I respect her a lot for teaching me a lot of things though quite a few learning’s are through hard ways. I have cared for her as a good friend and hope that she always wears her lovely smile.

83. Rishiraj Singh Shekhawat – He can modulate his voice to any extent and I was surprised to hear it during interaction. He is quite helpful and knows exactly what needs to be done. He has specific set of jokes which can make him laugh!! I am sure that he would be a ‘cultural’ fit in his next to be job.

84. Roshan Pattnaik – Maintains quite a low profile in campus and this is because he maintains high profile outside. Have seen him twice in M.G.Park with his ‘special’ friends. I can recall incident when he fall on Holi and had a dislocation but he was not angry or blamed anyone else.

85. Rupaj Dash – Known him quite well during Infosys training days. He is quite hardworking and manages multiple things with ease as seen while working for OB-III case discussions. Though he might come late for our discussion because of his prior commitment but he would sit upto end to finish the things and at times he was only one finishing the things. Came to know recently that he is actually a ‘committed’ guy. May he have happy settled life ahead in spite of a few things he mentioned one afternoon while having lunch!!

86. S. Sandeep Gautam – He can do anything whether be it putting fire in forests or starting a ‘new’ thing in XIMB. But whatever the case may be – he is quite talented as seen from his win in RB worldwide competition. He has amazing speaking capabilities – whenever he comes to speak everyone just wonders what he is going to speak on and how long!!

87. Sambit Rath – He does three things quite well – drinking, smoking and studying. I have not seen him doing anything else!! He is quite secluded from normal world and is just deeply involved in his ‘own’ world.

89. Sanket Kumar Panda – Hail Panda!! No doubt how amazing guy he is and ‘only time will tell’ about his true capabilities. Have shared quite a few things with him and he in turn would be willing to share his own things clearly indicating that he trust people very easily. He is an avid quizzer. Given current circumstances he has kept his patience and I would pray that he get opportunity to show his actual capabilities.

90. Satya Sundar Mohanty – Seen quite a different shades of his life – some were his choices and some were his compulsions. The way he started was ultimate cool but then the things changed. I can recall two incidents about him – the first one was when there was about to be launch of ‘bhakti’ and he was dressed as priest. Though he would have practiced his script well but due to his expectation and noise he became nervous and forgot quite a few lines. Another incident is from Xops election and before starting his speech his line was – ‘keep aside other things about which you know me’. These two different incidents signifies his versatility. He firmly believes that 70% of body is not only water but other variations as well!!

91. Satyajeet Mohanty – If you want to know about him, read a blog his friend has written for him. He has diverse skills be it sports, music or academics. He just enjoys his life and rest things falls into place. When drunk in JLT’s, his dance steps are just fun to watch and his ‘activities’ with his good friends are truly hilarious. There can be countless incident about him to mention but one thing worth mentioning – in one of the block parties after getting drunk, he did comfortably no other person can do in social gathering!!

92. Shahed Salman Md – He can do anything in life (even by sitting at CharMinar)!! He is a countless guy – his achievements are many, his academics highs and low are many, his friends are many as well his foes are many (including in senior batch as well as junior batch) and he can jog countless rounds in the field. But his attraction count in XIMB is just 4, which is way below his capabilities. He is cool type of guy who does not care much with what is going around him as long as there is not much trouble. He not at all worries about past, present or future, takes his responsibilities seriously and has no regrets. He just likes to enjoy his life and I can recall one incident related to this. During summer internship I asked him to come with us for Mahabaleshwar. He came all the way from Mumbai to Pune for that one day trip. But he is not that good as friend….if he is your friend you would not need any enemies to trouble you and same is true for me. All my not so good things are publicized by him quite well though I have done the same things for him!! But small things aside, we share a comfortable friendship!! Aur Salim meine kabhi intentionally apni kaali nazar tere pe nahi lagayi hain bus who toh lag jaati hain 

93. Shakti Prassana Mohapatra – Quite secluded in his own way but then it does not imply that he does not know what is going around!! He likes to do risk management though it is different that he choose IT organization to begin his MBA life.

94. Shakti Shankar Nath – Sun God but down to earth. He is quite humble in his approach towards anything. Puts enough emphasis on maintaining his physique and has done really well in doing that. He is a good listener and speaks only when it is required. Have multiple talents but never egoistic about them

95. Sharad Kapoor – He loves fun with no compromise on his commitments. Looking at him, one can just wonder that life can be so fun loving. He ‘just’ do the things be it going to Konark beach at 4:30 AM in just 2 minutes request. He knows how to get things done and is quite good in making friends. He is quite honest and manages multiple things quite well.

96. Shyam Sundar S. – Quite often, I used to get confuse between his and Sridhar’s name. He keeps quite low profile but is popular in his TAXIM group for his deadly one-liners. Like any other member of TAXIM group, he is found only and only with them.

97. Siddhartha Sharad Deshpande – Quite creative and particularly when making fun of anyone he can tie up with Subhankar or anyone else and make amazing fun of other without even that person realizing it. He is quite creative and tends to have knowledge of most of things he talks about. He is mostly found within his group!!

98. Sidharth Satpathy – Undoubtedly person with maximum RoI from this college be it job, internal mileage or personal life. Have done well to manage a lot of things. Worked with him quite a lot and learned a lot which cannot be shared here!!

99. Sourabh Kumar Choudhury – What an amazing guy he is. He can do anything; anything like a monkey!! First talked to him on second day in campus, when he came to my room for browsing web. From then till today, we shared a lot many good things and offcourse a few not so good things as well. But small incidences aside, it was quite safe to share with him anything though he is mostly in another party (except for a few days when we were in the same party ). The best thing about him his is sense of humor. He can crack extremely excellent one liners even in difficult situations. He is good in most of the things, unless his sports and sleep schedule is not disturbed. I would always remember sharing all types of jokes on regular basis with him, including exam days. The best thing I liked about him his is his flexibility to adopt to any circumstances. Not forgetting to mention one point – he would give his bike to anyone….a thing which most others (including myself!!) cannot do. I would always respect this guy – talented but down to earth. Yeah one more incident – treat he gave on 3rd Feb 09 was unexpected and I was just surprised how can someone give treat to all on these occasions. Anyways, I would like to thank him for one thing – his email on ‘thanks for your time on this’!!

100. Sridhar S Kaushik– All comments earlier for any other person from his group holds valid for him !! (It just shows my laziness in the way to achieve the magical figure!!)

101. Subhankar Kumar Choudhary – He has his own likes and dislikes to follow. He has worked quite well in SRC and I have enjoyed working with him there. Though I was not even a member of SRC, he extended full support in all efforts for SRC. Though we had once a good fight but I am sure that none of us have taken that to heart. He has got a superb opportunity to start his career and I am sure he would utilize it to the fullest.

102. Subhransu Sekhar Mandal – The first person on campus I have interacted with!! Have seen big difference from what he was first and what he is now. He takes ‘too much’ care of his things. He loves photography with 995 photos in 4 day OBL. He has got tremendous collection of data but is accessible to others only with multiple terms and conditions. He can walk/ jog numerous rounds and enjoy outings only with selected persons!! I can recall his birthday wishes for ‘….XIMB calling’ when we were new to this place .

103. Sujit Kumar Sahoo – He is not at all 22 year kid. He is amazingly committed for the work he does be it CR, sponsorship or MAXIM. He leaves no stone unturned to make sure that whatever he does, is success. Though he is highly ignorant about technology but still he manages well without it. His email on ‘six idiots’ after CSR Summit would always be remembered like his friendship with Dey. He is amazing foodie and there used to be his fear in B-block about anything eatable!! He has very typical habit of looking at pics in social networking sites (of which details cannot be disclosed here!!)

104. Sumedh Kiran Vijayakar – He loves two things – non veg and photography and can even go to exchange program to enjoy these things!! He is fun to watch after he is ‘out’. He was integral part of professional cricket at XIMB, though not as player but as an umpire.

105. Sunanda Sahoo – I can recall Sandeep Gautam proposing her as both share same birthday and regretting next day after knowing that she is married. Even I was surprised to know that and even more surprised on knowing that she is married half a decade back because she does not look like!! She is a real good dancer and enjoys JLT’s till late with numerous punches!! Like any other girl doing specialization in HR, she can do real good faff.

106. Swarup Kar – Yo baby – This is his favorite one liner and he typically lives the same way. Have a positive attitude towards everything and is too passionate about quizzing. Off late putting considerable efforts to get himself fit though I am not sure of the ‘reasons’. Though he is committed guy but he has enjoyed 2 years like a single guy.

107. Sweta Sah – While writing these testimonials, the results of batch polls were out and she was chosen as princess of the batch. Though she maintains quite a low profile but her selection as princess, speaks of her ‘popularity’. In most of the cases she is quite calm, composed, seems to be in no hurry and walks every time as she is sleeping. But whatever the case is – she has a very sweet smile on her face!! In the series of good things – she writes too good notes and even better are drawings in her notebook.

108. Tanya Gupta (B) – (Tring-Tring)^(infinite) – this would be best line to describe her. But her commitment to cell is secondary….her primary commitment is totally different and it is from years. She worries a lot about small things but is quite good in managing multiple things at a time. Can be seen daily in X-café with her commitment.

109. Tanya Gupta (A) – I would not like to write much here as one of my junior from engineering college would get upset over it!! But one thing for sure about her – she is good in multiple things be it academics or salsa dance. Apart from academics and personal life, she just does whatever is minimum required.

110. Tarun Agarwal – Bhaina always has a smiling face. He is too good in multitasking be it member of Xsys, mess secretary or logistics incharge for Xpressions. I am not sure why he is not accredited for such dedication in public. Apart from above good things, he is champ of counter strike. Like any other person in campus, I am sure there is some ‘secret’ reason for his growing health and wealth.

111. Thendral I – Amazing dancer not in JLT’s but cultural program. Apart from stage shows, I have seen her dancing in auditorium as an audience when Mexican band was there. Hope she would not mind my habit of just ticking in her ears, whenever I see her!! She knows sign language quite well and would recall of her help when we organized 15th Aug function with special children’s.

112. Udaya Bhanu Satapathy – This guy always underestimate his potential. He has got amazing quizzing skills and can do push up with just one hand!! Worked with him quite extensively and really appreciate his commitment. The best part of our projects was OB-II project and thoroughly enjoyed that project. I can recall incident on Deepawali’08 when it was commented by one other good friend that we both look like brothers….almost same type of physique. He has been quite helpful with his designing work and would always remember his timely help in making flash for IRC otherwise my presentation would not have been good one!!

113. Vibhav Kumar – Have enjoyed couple of train journeys with him and his home made tasty food!! He has ‘exceptional’ physique. Heard that he is good in drinking and I would surely like to have drinks with him. Never seen him shouting or angry on anyone.

114. Vibhor Sharma – Ideally he should have been conferred ‘bhai’ of the batch!! He has got some very good ideas on becoming an entrepreneur and hope that he uses them to the best. He has got a typical dance step in JLT’s which is impossible to replicate. Not only dance steps, he tries to show himself in a quite different way at most of the places. Have heard a lot of incidents from RaNi and Sumo about him during exchange program and quite a few of them are hilarious.

115. Vikrant Krishan Mahajan – He did put considerable efforts to revive E-cell, which was active for some time before becoming dormant again. In first looks, he would not look that he has considerable experience. In spite of senior citizen, he is quite good in academics and I need to learn how he managed that!!

116. Vineet Agarwal – He was ‘heavyweight’ member of sponsorship committee initially but then suddenly vanished; of which ‘reasons’ I came to know recently. He has sound understanding of private businesses and would definitely go on to become businessman one day.

117. Vivek Mundhra – A lot of confusion because of same surnames!! This confusion includes – mistake in my spelling, interpreting sometimes wrongly things said about him as said for me and one particular incident where he got highest in EA-II and quite a few congratulated me while I got the lowest. Too focused on academics, as is case with many other fresher’s. Tries to contribute in his own way, not worrying whether his contribution is small or significant!!

118. Zubair Jiwani – Took some time for me to pronounce his name correctly. Known him from the first few days as we were there in the same group in orientation program. He is a good dancer and shows his talent in almost every JLT’s and even in Mumbai Sanidhya, in which he danced with every possible good looking face!! He does not differentiate between RM and BM students as evident from his choice of his dance partners for JLT’s!! He is quite good in giving helpful suggestions.

Thanks for reading till the end or just coming to the end. As usual feel free to comment.

My last blog would be – ‘100 things you do in love when you are in B-school’ by first week of March

Recap: Mayur and Sara fell in love with each other during training at Infosys Mysore. They had a close group of friends though their friends were not able to find what is cooking unless it was officially declared by them. Their love story seemed to be like one in movies and it seemed that everything was falling in right place and at right time for both of them. The earlier part was concluded on the point that both of them got posting in Pune.
So here goes the part 2 of the love story. Though there is approx 1 month gap in these two parts but I was trying to get more feedback for my first part so that this part can even be better. Hope it meets the expectations of readers. As usual, feel free to comment!!

Mayur was part of training in PLES and Sara was in IMS. When the locations were disclosed, their group started packing, except Rohit and Bhaskar (as they were given posting in Mysore) . But just after a day it was told to Mayur (and many other in PLES) that they would be having extended training on a few more topics related to their domain in Mysore itself for a month. This meant that they both would not be able to see each other for next one month. The same feeling of not seeing each other was also there in the group for each other as 3 of them were staying in Mysore and 5 of them leaving Mysore.

When the day of departure arrived, all were too sentimental. It is amazed to see engineers to be irrational and emotional as they are always told to find reason in how instruments work or scientific theory can be applied but here are a few young brains feeling quite sad. The famous quotation by Blaise Pascal – “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing” was aptly suiting the situation. The feeling of going away was more intense for Mayur and Sara, as they were in love – love which Mayur realized quite early but it was new found love for Sara. As it is always the case with new found love, Sara was more anxious than Mayur of their temporary distances. Mayur gave all type of assurances to Sara to make her comfortable but they were not working as Mayur himself was sad and not in position to explain logical reasons/ details to an emotional girl. For their group it was quite amazing to see Sara so emotional as she was usually considered as sensible and mature girl who defied set norms of traditional society, where she comes from, to create her own distinct identity.

The complete group went to Banglore to see off those who were going to Pune. This was last minute attempts by each one of them to spend more time with each other. But who could have stopped TIME and the driver who was driving Volvo bus from B’lore to Mysore. Sara along with 4 other friends left for Pune and there were 3 friends looking at each other. Though they did not spoke any word for quite some time but their silence was speaking of loneliness of someone very special to them. When back to Mysore, there were quite a few sentimental talks among Mayur, Bhaskar and Rohit but one comment is worth mentioning. Mayur told that it would be very difficult for him to pass through the same passages and places in campus without lovely company of Sara and he decided to take not so regular routes within campus for a few days. Most of things in Mysore campus used to remind him of Sara which he did not mentioned but his cautious approach was more than indication that he is missing Sara. The same was not the case with Sara in Pune as it was new place for her but for sure she missed company of someone so close to her – close to her heart. It seemed that the sweet story of Mayur and Sara took an intermission. Though it was just 30 days but each day seemed to be like 30 days to both of them.

But as nothing in this world is infinite, their continuous emotions were reduced by corporate culture of Infosys. Mayur was busy in his training while Sara in her project. They used to talk only after extended office hours but weekends would bring quite a relief to them. Their relief was equivalent to relief of farmers in arid and dry area upon receiving first shower of monsoons. They used to share about their schedule, day-today activities and many smaller things which are difficult to even imagine without falling in love. Their telephonic talk used to continue as long as they would. Neither of them cared about benefits cellular companies are making because of thousands such love birds but each word of other person was like music to the listener’s ears.

The long period of wait of 30 days actually ended after 30 days. Mayur left for Pune or to the place where Sara was there. Now there were 6 of the group members in Pune and remaining 2 in Mysore. When back to Pune, Mayur and Sara tried to spend as much time as they can with each other. It seemed that they are compensating for the lonely times they had spent. The company of Mayur was more than delight for Sara, for whom only world was Mayur and Sara consider that period with Mayur as one of the best experiences of her life.

Then one fine day, they decided to make their family know of their relationship status. Fortunately, there was Holi (in the month of March) in which both of them went to their homes. Though Sara’s family was quite traditional they did not objected much to their relationship and her father considered Sara’s happiness to be the priority above everything. 50% of their relationship was accepted after Sara’s parents approval and now rest depended on Mayur’s parents approval. This gave Mayur more confidence to speak to his parents. But luck stopped favoring him and his parents clearly rejected his choice as Sara was from other caste. Further, Mayur was brahamin and his grandfather clearly told him that he should marry from the same caste. Mayur seemed to have lost his world. He tried convincing his parents but there answer was simple and straight – NO, NO and NO. After quite a few trials, Mayur lost the hope of convincing his parents and accepted their verdict as final.

Mayur had to convey his parents decision to Sara but he was not brave enough to communicate directly to Sara. Here again comes technology into picture. Last time, it was movie in which he communicated his feelings to Sara and this time he SMS (text message) Sara about what all happened at his home. That SMS ended the world for Sara. She was heart broken. She was wondering is their relationship so weak so that Mayur could not even call her up or the trust in their relationship was missing, which is becoming evident now. What an irony it is – when everything goes well, no one asks a question but when there is a major failure, there are several questions.

Sara tried talking to Mayur but their relationship was in different world by now. Mayur was not interesting in talking for long with Sara. Earlier they could have spend hours on call talking to each other but every time Sara called Mayur even a minute seemed like an hour to Sara. Probably Mayur wanted Sara to hate her and behaving this way will make it easy for Sara to hate her or just did not have answer to Sara’s quite a few questions and they were – what next? Should she wait for him to talk again at home? How long can that wait can be? What Sara should tell at her home? Are there any possibility of getting each other back? Why is Mayur not talking to her properly? Was Mayur actually serious with Sara or was it just matter of time? Was Mayur looking at Sara after his first break-up or was his desires straight from the heart? What exactly happened at his home? These are just a few questions. Sara had a lot of questions in her mind. But there were questions which she would have asked only to herself – WHY ME? What was my fault? Was loving someone can be such troublesome?

It was becoming very difficult for Sara to get back to her daily routine. Whenever she would see Mayur she had many insane thoughts coming in her mind. She was even unable to share her feeling with other friends in the groups. Even when they would try to touch on this topic, she would have tears in her eyes. But on the other side, Mayur tried to get himself completely involve in the work and put more hours in project just to keep himself busy. He was looking for some solace at workplace which he was able to get but there was no solace for Sara at workplace. Howsoever hard she would have tried not to think of Mayur, her all attempts went into veins. More she tried to forget Mayur, more Mayur was there in her mind. She sometimes had tears in her eyes, in alone, or while looking at pics of their groups earlier trips. She was not sure what happened to her. Was loosing anyone can be such a pitiful situation – she was never aware of this or even thought of this. But there was one thing for sure – Sara doubted that even Mayur talked with his parents properly or was it just a casual talk and he accepted whatever parents said.

Sara tried her best to get to normalcy as fast as possible but healing a girl’s heart from first unselfish love is quite complex. She tried explaining herself with a lot of reasons. She was more angry on herself than at Mayur that she did not see this situation before and allowed herself to fall in love madly with Mayur. But as time is the best healer, Sara came to normalcy in sometime!! She convinced herself that there is no use abusing Mayur or her own fate – whatever was supposed to happen has happened and she emerged as more mature than before. While by that time – Mayur fall in love with another girl, from the same training batch and this time from the same caste. Again what an irony, really big corporate provide wonderful opportunities – opportunities even for finding your love more than once!!

Well, by now all of you would have wondered that there is more of sad side of this story rather than happy side but that’s not true. Good things include – Sara was more mature girl than before, she found that Mayur is not a perfect match for her, Mayur came to know what his parents were looking for and their close group of friends realized what all can happen in so called ‘true love’. After all, good things do happen in love.

Further, the story of Mayur and Sara is still is not complete. Though both of them were on different paths but this time their path was worth having all good sides. After all, good things do happen in love.

After reading a few stories, I felt of penning down a few real stories.These stories would be woven around emotional weakness of human nature like love, friendship, etc and changing relationships set in the backdrop of corporate environment. So here goes the first story. (Though a bit long, read it completely to enjoy it)


Mayur entered into the Infosys campus with high hopes of making a great professional career in IT industry, the same dream shared by thousand others while entering one of the best IT training campuses in the world. He was accompanied by his friend Piyush, and both were from the same city. Just after entering the campus Mayur eyes were wide opened to see the huge but well designed campus. The golf cart, lush green cricket field, tennis courts, floating restaurant were instant attention grabbers while on the way to the hostel room which anyway were nothing less than a mini heaven (and more so for a young guy coming from middle class family).

It took him a few days to roam in the campus and get a feel of the campus. He particularly liked gym and swimming pool which goes well with his athletic body. In the meantime, formal training sessions started but they were not compelling enough to make a young, tall, fair looking guy to enjoy the facilities and beauty of training campus. Anyway, this campus provides fertile ground for young souls to fulfill most of their legal ambitions as it is the best extension of college for studies where one is actually paid to study. The days went by, his friend group increased but none of them anyway near to ‘special’ friend he was looking for. His urge for finding that ‘special’ friend grew stronger after seeing many noble souls (including some his friends) were able to roam around with someone who makes surrounding looks more beautiful.

It was about two months already in a four month training and his story was like ‘so far, so good’. He was able to make three very good friends and many other friends to enjoy outings and drinks with. One day after daily training sessions, there were many students (or better word can be corporate professional) discussing which of the two training centers are better (In Infy Mysore, there are two training center – ILI and GEC). Like any other discussion among educated people, there were a few of friends on one side and a few on other. As the debate grew stronger and longer, a few studious type left the discussion and now the debating groups were more suitable to discuss as remaining people were quite strong about their views. In these groups on one side, there was Mayur and on the other side there was Sara, a simple, straight looking girl. Though debate formally ended after marathon discussion of three hours but it continued in small breaks between Sara and Mayur. This was their first encounter, and within 2-3 days their discussion topics completely changed from GEC/ILI to something personal to their lives. These conversations were further aided by extension given in each rooms and a free common phone in each lab. Mayur started calling Sara first from lab phone (b/w 5-8) and then from his room extension. Slowly, Sara formally joined in Mayur’s friends groups and this assimilation was aided by the fact that one of Sara’s friend was from same college that of Piyush’s college. Then this group of 6 can be seen together on various timings like dinner or movie or late night walk in campus or b’day celebrations, etc.

Within next 15 days, there were quite a few long conversations and innumerous small conversations between them. Mayur made sure that other friends in his group are not aware of his conversations with Sara as he was afraid that like any good friends, his friends will tease both of them about what’s cooking in and probably everything would be spoiled even before anything is in place. It seems that feeling of getting someone ‘special’ make someone to take steps which are not indicative of other long relationships and in this case Mayur’s friendship with his good friends in the small group. Mayur was getting attracted towards Sara not because she was attractive or beautiful but because Mayur looked in Sara, family values, traditional culture which he thought are must for anyone to have to fit in his joint family. But what an irony is this – a young guy, aspiring for a great career in one of the technology advanced company looking for partner with typical Indian values or this might just be story everywhere – there are different things to appreciate and different things to nurture or possess. Anyway, continuing with their story, it continued. It just continued. Mayur was waiting for right moment to let Sara know of his feelings. Sara on the other hand thought Mayur as well caring and simple guy. She was more than happy to have him as a friend and just as a friend.

As the time went by, there were many other group outings like visit to Shivsamundra, Chamundi Hills, Srirangaptna, but all were just a day program. Then in the extended holidays of 26th January 2006, Mayur’s group or by now Mayur’s and Sara’s group planned for Ooty trip. It was a two day trip so much preparation was needed for this. During the trip, while going to Ooty and coming back Mayur somehow got the seat next to Sara without even giving hints to his friends of potential love story but this trip gave them sufficient enough opportunities to interact with each other and understand in a better way. Then after a few days, Sara had to go for her sister’s marriage by taking a flight from Bangalore. Mayur went all the way till Bangalore to drop Sara to airport and once again without letting anyone else know. Pefect planning – probably his brains suits profession of detective more than IT engineer.

When Sara came back from sister’s marriage, there were more frequent interactions, of which intentsity were increasing at the lighting’s pace. Some of the contexts were eating marriage sweets, project discussion, etc. Then that day came – day when training was supposed to get over and everyone would be expected to depart for their place of posting. Their group decided to enjoy these last few days to the fullest extent – extent of just sleeping for 2/3 hours per day for last 7 days. During one of those last days, came the turning point. Mayur realizing that end of training period is coming to an end and if he does not proposes to Sara now it would be the lost case for him. But like a typical Indian lover, he was not sure of what would be going in Sara’s mind and was very very afraid and nervous to propose her. As there were not many options left for him – he had to propose her and he choose a careful way. 3 days before postings were declared, they all decide to go for a movie but a quick photoshoot before the movie was suggested by one of the group member. Mayur got the right moment. In one of the pic, he casually but firmly put hand on Sara’s shoulder. It was so causal that no one else was able to sense it but it was firm enough to give Sara indication about Mayur’s feeling. But Sara was quite surprised with this attitude of Mayur. She always thought of him as a good friend, in fact a very good friend. Mayur was tensed after Sara’s first reaction but he has to compensate for the lost chance.

They all reached to cinema hall to watch ‘Rang De Basanti’ and Mayur tried to take seat adjacent to Sara but it did not worked this time. Then came the best part of Mayur’s life – intermission in the movie. He made the best use of it, the use which no one (even director of RDB) would not of thought of. He swapped his seat in such a way that he was next to Sara was the intermission. As the movie started, they both were discussing very quietly, so quietly that only their eyes and emotions were speaking in that darken hall. After some time, Mayur put his palm on Sara’s palm. She did not objected. THAT WAS IT. Sara accepted Mayur’s proposal and when everything was settle that night they announced it formally to the group about their relationship status. The group members were happily surprised, at least some reason to be happy in last few days. Fortunately, Mayur and Sara got the same posting, i.e. Pune so it was all going too well for them.

It just seemed that there was one of the lucky stories with all the stars favoring them. Both were happy with their choice of partners as it matched their perception of what he/she should be. They spent enough time with each other to understand them better and found that their compatibility was quite high. Their pair was a perfect one – Sara complemented Mayur for what he lacked and Mayur complemented Sara for what she lacked. When they were together even their silence was enough to write the thousand stories and all with same happy ending.

But was that all? Do good things happen in Love?
Yes/No/May be, but his part was just the beginning of the end which none of us would have thought of. Here come into play other external factors like corporate environment, family restrictions and more importantly irrational human expectation and feelings which are difficult to handle – difficult to handle for strong characters like Sara and Mayur who have craved their own growth stories from a typical medium class family to one of the best places.
So what is the remaining story….will continue in the next post….probably after a week when my exams are over and till that time, it would by new year :). Till that time, any comment, criticisms or feedback, feel free to post.

This blog is different from all my earlier blogs as this is a collection of a few good shayris (none of them written by me). But posting them as all have some similarities in life.

So here are 5 best ones. They are closely related to my life and conveys my feelings in short and sweet way 🙂

1st one – I always wait for the right moment to convey my feelings by waiting for other person to give some hint of their liking…..so this one is for such a feeling. Always true…

रास्ते बन भी सकते थे,
दूरियां मिट भी सकती थी|
तुमने इशारा भर किया होता,
और तकदीर बदल भी सकती थी||

2nd one – Well when the wait ends and no hint…..life moves on and this one is for that

आस होगी न आसरा होगा,
आने वाले दिनों में क्या होगा|
में तुझे भूल जाऊँगा एक दिन,
वक्त सब कुछ बदल चूका होगा||

3rd one – A few days/weeks/months after life has started to be back on track. Though these are not the 100% correct lines as the other person never knew of my feelings but it still suit the context

उनकी मोहब्बत का निशान अभी बाकी है,
नाम लब पर है जान अभी बाकी है|
क्या हुआ जो देख कर वो मूह फेर लेते है,
तसल्ली तो है चेहरे की पहचान अभी बाकी है||

4th one – At some point or other, someone special makes an entry in your life….in some form or other and behaves as it nothing had happened. In any case, this one suits here as I tend to overdo things to make others feel comfortable

मुझे ठुकरा कर उसने कहा मुस्कुराने को,
और हम हंस दिए, क्यूँकी सवाल उसकी ख़ुशी का था|
मैंने खोया वो जो मेरा था ही नहीं,
और उसने खोया वो जो सिर्फ उसी का था||

5th one – And in case you ask who this person is/was, then answer is in below sharyi

बस यही एक झिझक है हाल ऐ दिल सुनाने में,
के उनका ज़िक्र भी आएगा इस फ़साने में|

This collection was an attempt to summarize my current/past experiences….any comment….feel free to post them!!

A blog after a long time….either i m creative after a long time or i m in ‘high’ spirits after a long-long time (or 4 months!!)

Well….to set the expectation clear – this blog is for those who knows about my recent past or knows really quite well about me or would like to know more about me!!

As the topic suggests, I strongly believes in appreciating small things in life. As one of the quotation by Swami Vivekananda goes, the way of appreciating life is simplicity. He states – Truth itself is quite simple. Complexity is due to man’s ignorance. The essense is if we all try to be honest and simple…..we can appreciate small things and I try to follow it as best as I can.

At times, these are the small things that matters a lot in life. It might be making someone happy irrespective of spending your time in busy schedule or taking care of someone even if you are not well (and then also hearing not so good things!!). Though, I can go on making the points (till the next day morning!!) on how to appreciate small things but have to restrict myself to a few words. So, here goes my prescription on how to appreciate small things:

1. Make a list of things, that are supposed to be done for the next day. In case, one is not able to take an hour or so for the things he/she like to do then there is no use of being busy or ‘privileged’.

2. Appreciate someone on the spot….do not wait for some auspicious moment to arrive and then express word of gratitude

3. Remember to spend time with your near and dear ones
In case you are really busy but you can still appreciate small things by sending a SMS or by saying just one or two good lines!!

4. Try to make as many people comfortable by your presence as you can.

5. Do care and do not abuse the person those who were not good to you.

6. Be selfish and do not waste your anger on someone else. This is important because in the process of saying not so good words, we can miss out on small things in life by wasting our energy on unnecessary things.

7. Do not hate or worry about someone as that stops creative things. And remember, it is creativity that helps in appreciating small things in life.

8. Today we have time to spend but not the money and tomorrow we might have money to spend but not the time to spend. But FINALLY, one day we would be having time as well as money to spend on someone special but by then we do not have someone special to spend time or money with. So to be on right track of life…..irrespective of the case….do appreciate small things so that neither people nor money matters too much and still we appreciate small things in life!!

9. Also being appreciative makes you feel positive and energetic without egoism (or jealousy!!), which is very important and I am still learning about it.

10. Apart from this, do not allow your responsibilities to overburden your personal life. This is what I am facing from a few months. Though at times, I feel that I am in love with someone but my schedule does not even allow me to think comfortably on this personal thing and on how to set the ground and convey my feelings but anyway, that is part and parcel of life!!

Let me now stop here, otherwise i could have gone on and on after being in high spirits.

Feel free to post comment!!